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Chemical equipment & Laboratory Apparatus

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Chemical equipment

Product description

Chemical equipment is an important part of chemical machinery, mainly including chemical machinery and chemical equipment two categories. Chemical machinery such as fans, compressors, pumps, etc., their main components are moving machinery. Chemical equipment refers to machinery with stationary components, such as towers, containers, reactors, etc. Chemical equipment plays a vital role in chemical production, ensuring the normal operation of the production process of chemical products, and controlling and ensuring product quality and output.


Strong adaptability, can handle a variety of raw materials, products and intermediate products; Good coordination, can cooperate reliably with other equipment, pipes, valves, instruments, etc. High sealing performance and mechanical strength, can withstand normal and extreme conditions of operation; Long service life, considering wear, corrosion and other factors; Good economy, optimize material, selection, manufacturing costs, efficiency and energy consumption.

Chemical equipment & Laboratory Apparatus

Experimental instrument

Product description

Experimental instruments are tools used in natural science experiments, especially in physics, chemistry, biology and other fields. Common experimental instruments include test tubes, beakers, evaporating dishes, crucible, alcohol lamps and so on. These instruments have their own characteristics, such as test tubes for the reaction of small amounts of reagents and the collection of gases, beakers for the dissolution of solids, preparation of solutions, etc.


The use of experimental instruments should follow certain rules, such as instruments that cannot be heated directly, instruments that can be heated directly, and instruments that require indirect heating. At the same time, the selection and use of experimental instruments are crucial to the accuracy and reliability of experimental results.


Chemical equipment & Laboratory Apparatus Chemical equipment & Laboratory Apparatus

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