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Amine Nitriles

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HANGDA wide-ranging portfolio encompasses various chemical products that cater to diverse sectors, including daily life, production, petrochemicals, high-tech electronics, biopharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals.

Amine Nitriles By China Dimethylacetamide Supplier – HANGDA

Having accumulated a decade of experience in the organic and inorganic chemicals industry, HANGDA Chemical stands as a trusted and comprehensive China Acetonitrile suppliers. Meanwhile, we produce about Amine Nitriles products.

Main types of amine nitriles:

1. Acetonitrile
2. Acrylonitrile
3. Aniline
4. Dimethylacetamide
5. Isopropyl Alcohol
6. N,N-Diethylethanamine
7. N,N-Dimethylformamide

Benefits of Amine Nitriles

China Isopropyl Alcohol manufacturer, HANGDA will show you the benefits below:

  • Synthetic Building Blocks: Amine nitriles serve as important building blocks in organic synthesis.
  • Pharmaceutical Applications: They serve as key intermediates in the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds, including drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
  • Agrochemicals: Amine nitriles compounds can be modified to yield molecules with specific pesticidal properties, providing effective solutions for crop protection and agricultural practices.
  • Polymer Industry: Amine nitriles can be polymerized to form polymers with desirable properties, such as high thermal stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength.