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Organic Compounds

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The Benefits Of HANGDA Chemical Enterprise

With a decade of experience in the organic and inorganic chemicals industry, HANGDA Chemical has established itself as a reliable and comprehensive service enterprise. Our extensive range of chemical products caters to various sectors, including daily life, production, petrochemicals, high-tech electronics, biopharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals. Proudly, All our organic and inorganic chemical products hold CNAS and ISO certifications.

Meanwhile, Our efficient and reliable supply chain enables us to cater to the specific requirements of our overseas clients with custom services. Often, in the best international chemical trade shows. These platforms allow us to showcase our products, forge new partnerships, and stay updated with the latest industry trends.

HANGDA Organic Compounds As Quality Standard

  • Organic compounds contain carbon. Carbon has the unique ability to form covalent bonds with itself and other elements.
  • The four main classes of organic compounds are hydrocarbons (contain only carbon and hydrogen), proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.
  • Hydrocarbon chains, rings, and hybrids are basic organic frameworks. Functional groups such as alcohols and aldehydes confer unique properties to molecules.

HANGDA Provides Top 3 Organic Compounds Products

Adipic dihydrazide, diacetone acrylamide, and trimethyl orthoacetate are all organic compounds made by HANGDA a leading China organic and inorganic chemicals manufacturer and supplier. Meanwhile, they features below:

  • Adipic dihydrazide is an organic compound with the formula (CH2)4(NHNH2)2. It contains carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.
  • Diacetone acrylamide contains carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. The formula is C9H13NO2. It’s an acrylamide derivative.
  • Trimethyl orthoacetate, with the formula (CH3O)3C(OCH3), is an ester derived from o-acetic acid. It contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.