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Laboratory consumables are widely used in experimental research in various disciplines and fields, such as chemistry, biology, medicine, environmental science, etc. These consumables provide necessary tools and materials for the experiment to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the results. Laboratory consumables are characterized by diversity, consumability and disposability. Different experiments require different consumables, and most consumables need to be replaced after a single use.

Different consumables

1.Plastic products: This is the most common laboratory consumables, such as plastic beakers, centrifugal tubes, pipettes, Pap straws, ice boxes, petri dishes, etc. These plastic products are commonly used for liquid storage, transfer and experimental operations.

2.Glassware: including a variety of bottles (such as narrow-mouth bottles, wide-mouth bottles), burners (such as beakers, triangular flasks), dishes and tubes (such as test tubes, centrifugal tubes), etc. Glassware is widely used in laboratory because of its good chemical stability and transparency.

3.Biochemical consumables: mainly used for biological and chemical experiments, such as culture plates, frozen storage boxes, PCR frozen tube boxes, cell frozen storage, etc. These consumables provide the necessary growth and preservation environment for biological experiments.

4.Protective equipment: to protect the safety of experimental personnel, such as masks, gloves, protective clothing, etc.

5.Others: Also includes rubber products (such as silicone tube, latex tube), paper products (such as filter paper, weighing paper), ceramic products (such as porcelain evaporating dish, porcelain crucible), etc.

Lab Consumabl Lab Consumabl