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  • Product Name: Oxolane
  • Other Names: THF
  • Cas No.: 109-99-9
  • Purity: 99.9%
  • MF: C4H8O
  • Appearance: Colorless liquid
  • Package: Drum
  • Certificate: ISO
  • Application: It is mainly used as solvent and raw material for organic synthesis
  • Sample: Available

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Product Detail

Oxolane, also known as oxacyclopentane, 1, 4-epoxy-butane, is a heterocyclic organic compound, belonging to the ether class, is the complete hydrogenation product of furan, is a colorless transparent liquid, soluble in water, ethanol, ether, acetone, benzene, etc., mainly used as a solvent, chemical synthesis intermediate, analytical reagent.

Product Parameter

Synonyms 1,4-Epoxybutane, 1-Oxacyclopentane, THF, 1,4-Butylene oxide, Cyclotetramethylene oxide fraction, Furanidin, Tetra-methylene oxide, Oxolane
Chemical Formula C4H8O CAS Number 109-99-9
Molar mass 72.107 g·mol−1
Appearance Colorless liquid
Odor Ether-like
Density 0.8876 g/cm3 at 20 °C, liquid
Melting point −108.4 °C (−163.1 °F; 164.8 K)
Boiling point 66 °C (151 °F; 339 K)
Vapor pressure 132 mmHg (20 °C)
Refractive index 1.4073 (20 °C)
Flash point −14 °C (7 °F; 259 K)
Solubility in water Miscible
Stability Stable.Incompatible with halogens, strong oxidizing agents, strong reducing agents, strong bases, oxygen.
May generate explosive peroxides in storage if in contact with air. Highly flammable.
Store at room temperature under nitrogen. Hazardous polymerisation may occur.
Light sensitive.Maycontain2,6-di-tertbutyl-4-methylphenol(BHT)asas
log P 0.45 at 25 °C
Storage condition Store at +5°C to +30°C.



1. Solvent: tetrahydrofuran is a polar solvent that can dissolve many organic and inorganic substances. Due to its low boiling point and high solubility, THF is widely used in solvents, reaction media and extractants in organic synthesis, polymer industry, drug synthesis and other fields.

2. Polymer synthesis: THF is widely used as a polymer solvent, such as polyurethane, polycarbonate, etc. It can provide a uniform dispersion, which helps in the synthesis and processing of polymers.

3. Pharmaceutical industry: chemical oxolane has many applications in the pharmaceutical field. It can be used as a solvent and delivery agent for drugs, helping to absorb and penetrate drugs. At the same time, THF can be used in the preparation of drug intermediates and synthetic drug raw materials.

4. Electronics industry: THF can be used in the manufacturing process of electronic devices, such as coatings, solvents and cleaning agents. It helps to provide better solubility and processability and is widely used in semiconductor, coating and battery fields.

5. Laboratory applications: tetrahydrofuran is a common solvent and reaction medium in chemical laboratories, widely used in organic synthesis, synthetic chemistry, extraction and chromatographic experimental operations.

Multiple uses of products

It use in Chemical Manufacturing,Pharmaceutical Industry,Polymer and Plastics Industry,Textile Industry,Petroleum and Gas Industry,