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  • Product Name: Trimethylchlorosilane
  • Other Names: TMCS
  • Cas No.: 75-77-4
  • Purity: 99%
  • MF: (CH3)3SiCl
  • Appearance: Colorless clear liquid
  • Package: Drum
  • Certificate: ISO
  • Application: It is a chemical compound commonly used as a reagent in various chemical reactions, particularly in organic synthesis and materials science
  • Sample: Available

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Product Detail

Trimethylchlorosilane (TMCS) is an organosilicon compound with the formula (CH3)3SiCl. It is a colorless liquid with an odor similar to chloroform. Chemical trimethylchlorosilane is widely used in organic synthesis and can be used as a silicide reagent and catalyst to participate in the reaction of alcohols, amines, carboxylic acids and other compounds. In addition, it can also be used as a surface treatment agent, improve the wettability and adhesion of materials, and as a diffraction reagent and ionization auxiliary reagent in chemical analysis.

Product Parameter

Synonyms TMCS
Chemical Formula (CH3)3SiCl CAS Number 75-77-4
Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Density (P20, g/cm3) 0.86
Content Min.99%
Melting point -57.7°C
Boiling point 57.9°C
Flash point -18°C
Package Storage & Transportation Net weight 200kg metal barrel. Keep away from fire and avoid direct sunshine;
Provide dry and well-Ventilated place. Avoid exposure to rain and sunlight;
Dangerous goods under transport regulations.
Shelf Time Quality guarantee Period is 12 months. Recheck by this standard is required when the products exceeds 12 months.
The products can still be used only after the result of recheck is up to standard.
Safety Please refer to Trimethylchlorosilane Material Safety Data Sheet.



1. Organic synthesis: TMCS plays an important role in organic synthesis as a silication reagent. It can be used to synthesize compounds such as silyl ether, silamine and silyl ester, and participate in the reaction of alcohols, amines, carboxylic acids and other substances. These products have important application value in drug synthesis and organic synthesis reaction.

2. Surface treatment agent: TMCS can be used as a surface treatment agent to improve the wettability and adhesion of the material. It can be used in the manufacturing process of coatings, glues, plastics and other materials to improve their adhesion and weather resistance to the substrate, and improve the quality and performance of the product.

3. Chemical analysis: trimethylchlorosilane is also used in chemical analysis. It can be used as a diffraction reagent, used in the field of diffraction quantitative analysis, and used as internal standard material in quantitative analysis. In addition, it can also be used as an ionization auxiliary reagent, which helps to enhance the ionization efficiency of the sample and improve the sensitivity and accuracy of mass spectrometry.

4. Other applications: In addition to the above applications, trimethylchlorosilane can also be used to prepare silicone coatings, silicone oil, silicone and other materials, and find applications in the photovoltaic field, the electronics industry and coating additives.

Multiple uses of products

It use in Chemical Manufacturing,Silicone Industry,Pharmaceutical Industry,Agrochemical Industry,Polymer and Plastics Industry,Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

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