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Petroleum Ether

  • Product Name: Petroleum ether
  • Other Names: PE
  • Cas No.: 8032-32-4
  • Purity: 60-90 /90-120
  • MF: C5H12, C6H14, C7H16 ect.
  • Appearance: Volatile, clear, colorless and non-fluorescent liquid
  • Package: Drum
  • Certificate: ISO
  • Application: It is a volatile and flammable hydrocarbon solvent derived from petroleum. It is commonly used in various industries and applications
  • Sample: Available

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Product Detail

Petroleum ether, a light petroleum product, is a mixture of low relative molecular weight hydrocarbons (mainly pentane and hexane), colorless transparent liquids with a kerosene odor. Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, benzene, chloroform, oil and other organic solvents. Mainly used as a solvent and grease treatment, but volatile and fire. In laboratory column chromatography, petroleum ether (PE) and ethyl acetate (EA) are commonly used as eluents. Petroleum ether is not equal to gasoline, and at the same time, there is no ether bond (C-O-C) in its structure.

Product Parameter

Synonyms Benzine; Light ligroin; Light petroleum; pether
Chemical Formula C5H12, C6H14, C7H16 ect. CAS Number 8032-32-4
Molar mass 82.2 g/mol
Appearance Volatile, clear, colorless and non-fluorescent liquid
Odor Gasoline or kerosene
Density 0.653 g/mL
Melting point < −73 °C (−99 °F; 200 K)
Boiling point 42–62 °C (108–144 °F; 315–335 K)
Vapor pressure 31 kPa (20 °C)
Refractive index 1.37
Flash point < 0 °C (32 °F; 273 K)
Solubility Soluble in Ethanol
Solubility in water insoluble
Stability Stable. Extremely flammable. Avoid strong oxidizing agents, all sources of ignition.
As a consequence of its low flashpoint, mixtures of this material with air may ignite upon contact
with hot surfaces – a naked flame is not required.
Storage condition Store at room temperature.



1. Cleaning agent: petroleum ether has good solubility, can dissolve and clean grease, stains, glue and lipids and other substances. It is often used to clean automotive engines, mechanical equipment, metal surfaces and so on.

2. Solvent: PE is a common solvent in the chemical industry. It can be used to dissolve and dilute resins, paints, plastics, rubber, dyes, etc. In some synthetic reactions, petroleum ether can also participate in the chemical synthesis process as an intermediate.

3. Chemical analysis: Petroleum ether is often used for standard sample preparation in chemical analysis laboratories. It can be used to extract target substances, separate mixtures, concentrate solutions, etc. In some analytical methods, chemical petroleum ether is also commonly used to extract organic pollutants from environmental samples and food samples.

4. Pharmaceutical applications: petroleum ether can be used for solvent extraction, purification and separation in pharmaceutical preparations. It can also be used as a thinner for intramuscular drugs. In addition, some oral medications also use petroleum ether to coat and encapsulate tablets.

5. Other applications: Petroleum ether can also be used in the production process of coatings, rubber products, flavors, fragrances, candles and dyes.

Multiple uses of products

It use in Laboratories and Research Facilities,Pharmaceutical Industry,chemical Manufacturing,Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry,Paints and Coatings Industry