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What Are The Applications Of Tembotrione?

Mar 28, 2024

Tembotrione is a widely used herbicide with the chemical name 2-(2-chloroethoxy)-N-(3-methyl-4-nitrophenyl)acetamide and the molecular formula C12H14ClN2O4S. It is usually in the form of a yellow to brown solid powder, soluble in organic solvents but insoluble in water. This property makes cysulfoketone a unique advantage in the field of agriculture.

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The main application of Tembotrione is in weed control in farmland. It can effectively control weeds in soybean, corn, rice and other crops, such as amaranth, Matang, pig hair and other herbs and broad-leaved weeds. At the same time, tembotrione can also be used in orchard weed control, such as persimmon, citrus and other fruit trees. In addition, it can also play a weeding role in parks, lawns and other places, and control weeds such as Holly, purslane, and saute. For highway green belt, railway lines and other places of lawn weeding, cyclosulfonone is also excellent, can effectively control the difficult to control the wide leaf weeds such as grass, grass cirrus, senecium.

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The advantage of cyclosulfoketone herbicide is that it has a long herbicidal suitable period, can maintain good herbicidal activity in the whole growth period of crops, and has a strong ability to resist rain erosion. However, it should be noted that Tembotrione is a glyphosate herbicide and cannot be sprayed directly on crops, otherwise it will cause damage to crops.

Although tembotrione is excellent at weed control, it also contains toxic ingredients that can cause adverse effects on humans and animals. Long-term use of cyclosulfonone herbicides may lead to organ damage and immunity decline, and also have a certain harm to aquatic organisms. In addition, if not used properly, Tembotrione may also cause an imbalance in the lawn, which promotes more weed growth.

In summary, as a broad spectrum herbicide, cyclosulfonone has a wide range of application value in farmland, orchards, parks and other fields. However, it is necessary to pay attention to its potential hazards during use and follow the correct use methods to ensure its safe and effective weed control.