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Application of diacetone acrylamide

Oct 20, 2023

1. Application in hair treatment agent

The important characteristic of diamine is that its homopolymer or copolymer is insoluble in water, but it has “water respiration”, the water absorption rate reaches 20% to 30% of its own weight, and when the ambient humidity is less than 60%, it can also release water. This feature is mainly used to produce hair spray fixative and photosensitive resin with diamine.

2. Application in photosensitive resin

Using bright, hard acid and alkali resistant solid diamine homopolymer to produce photosensitive resin, can make the resin photosensitive fast, easy to remove the non-image part after exposure, so as to obtain a clear image and good strength, solvent and water resistance good layout.

Another important use of diamines is that they can partially replace gelatin. Gelatin used in photographic emulsions, almost all of the special properties of gelatin, so for more than 100 years it has been difficult to find an ideal product to replace. High purity photographic gelatin will be in short supply in China for a long time, it is expected that the domestic photographic material needs about 2500t of gelatin, but the current domestic photographic gelatin production is only a few hundred tons.

3. For the preparation of plastic letterpress printing plates

solid diamine homopolymer

4.  Application in adhesives

It can be used as a bonding accelerator and modifier for fibrous compounds, cement, glass, aluminum and polyvinyl chloride, as well as a pressure-sensitive adhesive, and as a heat-sensitive adhesive for paper, textiles and plastic films containing acrylyl polymers.

5.  Applications in other aspects

In addition to the above applications, diacetone acrylamide can also be widely used in other fields:

① It can be used as curing agent of epoxy resin, ship bottom anti-rust paint, ship bottom underwater paint, acrylic resin paint, unsaturated polyester and other coatings;

The water-soluble copolymer monomer of diacetone acrylamide was effectively used for the clarification of suspended solids;

③ Can be used as a thermal laser recording material;

④ Used as glass anti-blur agent;

⑤ Used in azo copy materials;

⑥ Used as water-soluble photosensitive resin components.

Application of diacetone acrylamide DAAM in latex paint

Diacetone acrylyl (DAAM), as a reactive multifunctional monomer, has double bonds within the molecule and can homopolymerize free radicals. It can be cross-linked to form hydrazone with adipic hydrazide through ketocarbonyl group on DAAM.

DAAM, as a special reactive multi-functional monomer, has room temperature self-crosslinking properties of emulsion and latex paint, which can greatly improve the anti-adhesion of paint film and improve the grade of latex paint. DAAM emulsion paint relies on the carbon-carbon double bond of DAAM to dehydrate and cross-link with hexadihydrazine during coating, cross-link during or after film formation, and cross-link both film formation and cross-linking, which greatly improves its various properties.

Without advanced emulsions, it is impossible to make excellent latex paint. The emulsion synthesized by DAAM and acrylate was prepared into high grade interior and exterior decorative latex paint. It is characterized by strong adhesion, high stain resistance, high hardness, water resistance, solvent resistance, weather resistance, scrub resistance, enhanced gloss. It is obviously different from the general pure propylene and styrene acrylic emulsion. The latex paint made from the emulsion synthesized by DAAM and curing agent ADH (dihydrazide adipate) has the following characteristics: it meets the requirements of environmental protection; Room temperature self-crosslinking; Stain resistance < 5%; Water resistance, soaking 1 month does not turn white; Excellent solvent resistance and weather resistance; Luster and hardness increase; Strong adhesion of paint film; Low plasticity; Good stability; Not easy to split and flake; Flame retardant and self-cleaning.

DAAM added latex paint has strong adhesion, high hardness, high gloss, high stain resistance, excellent water resistance, abrasive resistance, scrub resistance, for oil, ballpoint pen ink, mark handwriting, ink, blood, soy sauce and so on are not permeable. External wall dust pollution has a strong self-cleaning function, tested by the national paint testing center for excellent products, anti-fouling 11%, artificial aging resistance 2000 hours, no formaldehyde, VOC release less than 30 g/l.