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Oxolane: A Key Organic Chemical from Leading Chinese Manufacturers

Jul 4, 2024

Oxolane, known as tetrahydrofuran(THF), is a highly versatile organic compound extensively used across various industries. As a prominent solvent and chemical intermediate, oxolane plays a crucial role in the production of polymers, pharmaceuticals, and coatings. China, with its robust chemical industry, is a leading Oxolane supplier. Among the distinguished producers, Hangda Chemical stands out for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

China Organic Chemical Products

Overview of Oxolane

Oxolane (THF) is a colorless, water-miscible organic liquid with a low viscosity and a characteristic ether-like odor. Its chemical formula is C4H8O, and it is a heterocyclic compound featuring a five-membered ring containing one oxygen atom. This structural feature contributes to its unique solvent properties, making it invaluable in numerous industrial applications.

Application of Oxolane

Oxolane underscores its diverse applications in various industries:

Polymer Industry: Oxolane is a critical solvent in the production of PVC and other polymers. It is also used in polytetramethylene ether glycol(PTMEG), a key component in the manufacture of spandex fibers.

Pharmaceuticals: Used as a solvent and reagent in the production of pharmaceuticals, oxolane facilitates various chemical reactions essential for drug formulation.

Coatings and Adhesives: Due to their excellent solvent properties, oxolane is used in the production of high-performance coatings, inks, and adhesives.

Labotary Use: In research and development, oxolane serves as a common solvent for Grignard and other organometallic reactions, highlighting its versatility and reliability in chemical synthesis.

Electronics: Oxolane is used in the production of certain types of electronic components and materials. Its solvent properties are useful in cleaning and preparing surfaces and in the formulation of electronic-grade coatings and adhesives.

Hangda: Leading Oxolane Manufacturers in China

China is renowned worldwide for its scale and quality, especially as a major producer of oxolane. Hangda Chemical exemplifies the excellence of Oxolane manufacturers. As a top oxolane factory, Hangda Chemical specializes in the production, wholesale, and supply of oxolane, ensuring competitive prices and high-quality standards.

Hangda’s products cover various fields such as daily life, production, petrochemicals, high-tech electronics, biopharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals. Additionally, Hangda extensively cooperates with internationally renowned enterprises in technology and has established joint laboratories with top-tier national universities. They adopt advanced production processes and use a global procurement platform to achieve comprehensive optimization and improvement of quality and sales systems, as well as brand enhancement and sustainable development of the enterprise.

On the other hand, Hangda Chemical offers OEM services, catering to the specific needs of their clients. Whether it’s customized packaging or tailored formulations, they are equipped to handle various requirements, providing flexibility and convenience to businesses looking for bespoke solutions.

Advantages of Sourcing Oxolane from Hangda Chemical

First of all, Hangda Chemical prioritizes quality in the field of China Organic Chemical Products, ensuring that their products meet stringent international standards, with certifications from IAF and CNAS. This commitment to quality makes Hangda a trustworthy supplier in the global market. Second, Hangda’s large-scale production and efficient manufacturing processes in China result in lower production costs, allowing them to offer more cost-effective pricing compared to competitors. This cost advantage is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to source bulk quantities of oxolane. Furthermore, with China’s increasingly sophisticated logistics and supply chain infrastructure, Hangda Chemical leverages this to ensure their clients receive their orders promptly and in perfect condition.


Oxolane remains a crucial component in many industrial processes, and sourcing it from reputable manufacturers is essential to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, and reliable supply. Hangda stands out among many competitors due to its advanced manufacturing capabilities, competitive pricing, and flexible OEM services. Embracing the advantages offered by Chinese manufacturers can significantly enhance operational efficiency and product quality for industries relying on this essential organic chemical.