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Chloromethyl Methyl Ether Triphenylphosphonium Salt

  • Product Name: Chloromethyl methyl ether triphenylphosphonium salt
  • Other Names: MMC
  • Cas No.: 4009-98-7
  • Purity: 98%
  • MF: C20H20ClOP
  • Appearance: White to almost white Crystalline Powder
  • Package: Cardboard drum
  • Certificate: ISO
  • Application: It is a chemical compound that is often used in organic synthesis as a reagent for various reactions. It is commonly used in research and development laboratories, as well as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Sample: Available

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Product Detail

Chloromethyl methyl ether triphenylphosphonium salt is a salt compound composed of phosphine ligand and chloromethyl ether cation. Trichloromethyl ether triphenyl phosphine salts are commonly used as reagents and catalysts in organic synthesis. It has strong alkalinity and nucleophilic properties, and can undergo nucleophilic substitution reactions with electron-deficient reactants. Due to its unique reactivity, it can be used to synthesize complex organic compounds and ligands.

Product Parameter

Synonyms MMC; Chloro(methoxy)triphenylphosphorane; phosphorane,
chloromethoxytriphenyl; chloro-methoxy-triphenyl-phosphorane;
methoxymethyl triphenyl phosphonium chloride;
(Methoxymethyl)triphenylphosphonium chloride;
Phosphonium, (methoxymethyl)triphenyl chloride
Chemical Formula C20H20ClOP CAS Number 4009-98-7
Molar mass 342.8 EINECS 223-664-5
Appearance White to almost white Crystalline Powder
Melting point 195-197°C (dec.)
PH 2.2 (1100g/l, H2O, 20°C)
Flash point >250°C
Solubility >1100g/l soluble,(decomposition)
Solubility in water decomposes
Sensibility Hygroscopic
Storage condition Store below +30°C.
Package 25kg/ cardboard drum



1. Transition metal catalyst: MMC can be used as a ligand to form coordination compounds with transition metals and participate in a variety of catalytic reactions. It plays a role in stabilizing the coordination environment, regulating activity and selectivity in the preparation of catalysts.

2. Electrophilic alkylating reagent for alkylation reaction: chloromethyl ether triphenyl phosphine salt can be used as electrophilic alkylating reagent in organic synthesis, and reacts with alkyl halides or alkyl sulfonyl chloride to obtain alkylating products. This reaction is widely used in the synthesis of complex organic molecules.

3. Reducing agent: chemical chloromethyl ether triphenyl phosphine salt can be used as a phosphine hydride source to participate in the reduction reaction. This reducing agent can be used to reduce amines, nitrogen and other organic functional groups.

4. Photochemical reaction: chloromethyl ether triphenyl phosphine salt can be used as a photosensitizer to participate in photochemical reactions. It can accept electrons in the photoexcited state, producing high-energy intermediates that react chemically with other molecules.

Multiple uses of products

It use in Chemical Manufacturing,Pharmaceutical Industry,Agrochemical Industry,Coatings and Paints Industry