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  • Product Name: Dichloromethane
  • Other Names: DCM, MDC
  • Cas No.: 75-09-2
  • Purity: 99.95%
  • MF: CH2Cl2
  • Appearance: Colorless liquid
  • Package: Drum
  • Certificate: ISO
  • Application: It has various industrial and commercial uses due to its solvent properties and low boiling point
  • Sample: Available

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Product Detail

Dichloromethane, an organic compound, is a colorless transparent liquid with a pungent odor similar to that of ether. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether, under the usual conditions of use is a non-combustible low boiling point solvent, its vapor in high temperature air becomes a high concentration, it will generate a weak burning mixture of gases, commonly used to replace flammable petroleum ether, ether and so on.

Product Parameter

Synonyms Methylene bichloride, Methylene chloride gas, Methylene dichloride, Solmethine, Narkotil, Solaesthin, Di-clo, Refrigerant-30, Freon-30, R-30, DCM, MDC
Chemical Formula CH2Cl2 CAS Number 1975/9/2
Molar mass 84.93 g·mol−1 UN number 1593
Appearance Colorless liquid
Odor Faint, chloroform-like
Density 1.3266 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Melting point −96.7 °C (−142.1 °F; 176.5 K)
Boiling point 39.6 °C (103.3 °F; 312.8 K)
decomposes at 720 °C[4]
39.75 °C (103.55 °F; 312.90 K)
at 760 mmHg
Vapor pressure 0.13 kPa (−70.5 °C);2 kPa (−40 °C);19.3 kPa (0 °C);57.3 kPa (25 °C);79.99 kPa (35 °C)
Refractive index 1.4244 (20 °C)
Flash point None, but can form flammable vapour-air mixtures above ≈100 °C
Solubility Miscible in ethyl acetate, alcohol, hexanes, benzene, CCl4, diethyl ether, CHCl3
Solubility in water 25.6 g/L (15 °C);17.5 g/L (25 °C);15.8 g/L (30 °C);5.2 g/L (60 °C)
Stability Volatile
log P 1.19
Storage condition room temp



1. Industrial solvent: DCM is widely used in industry as a polar organic solvent. It can dissolve and dilute many organic compounds, such as paints, glues, resins, adhesives and chemical raw materials. Dichloromethane has important applications in dye, leather, metal cleaning, electronic device cleaning and other industries.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: chemical dichloromethane is a commonly used solvent and extraction agent, widely used in pharmaceutical preparations, synthetic drugs and natural drugs extraction and purification process.

3. Chemical synthesis: dichloromethane is an important reagent in organic chemical synthesis. It can be used as a solvent, dehydrating agent and reaction medium in chlorination reaction to help accelerate the reaction speed and increase the yield.

4. Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry (GC-MS) : Methylene chloride is a commonly used extraction agent and solvent in gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. It can help separate and detect compounds in complex mixtures for use in chemical analysis and sample pretreatment in mass spectrometers.

5. Pesticide and fertilizer production: dichloromethane, as an intermediate and reaction solvent, can be used in the manufacturing process of pesticides and fertilizers.

Multiple uses of products

It use in Chemical Manufacturing,Pharmaceutical Industry,Paints and Coatings Industry,Rubber and Plastics Industry,Textile Industry,Electronics Industry,Automotive Industry