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What is fine chemicals?

Jul 28, 2023

Fine chemical industry is the strategic focus of the development of chemical industry in the world today, and it is also one of the fastest growing economic fields. At present, developing fine chemical industry is the strategic focus of all countries in the world to adjust the structure of chemical industry, enhance the output value of chemical industry and expand economic benefits. With the continuous improvement of scientific research level and the drive of downstream industry demand, the future market space of fine chemical industry is broad and the development prospect is good. Because fine chemicals are difficult to replace, their application scope continues to expand in depth, and the rapid development of the fine chemical industry has become the development trend of the industry.
Fine chemical industry is a knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive industry, its products have the characteristics of multiple synthesis steps, long production process, must have advanced process control technology and scientific and rigorous management. The research and development of a product, from the product laboratory synthesis, pilot production to the final large-scale industrial preparation, requires the cooperation and comprehensive application of multidisciplinary knowledge, permeates many aspects of technology and testing means, involves more patented technology and proprietary technology, and implies a large number of technical know-how and technical secrets. The core competitiveness of product technology is reflected in the selection of chemical reaction process, process control and core catalyst selection. Enterprises using different technologies have great differences in production efficiency and product quality.
In addition, because fine chemicals are in the upstream of the industrial chain, their performance and quality have a great impact on downstream products. Therefore, the depth of cognition of the downstream industry and the grasp of pain points constitute an important factor for fine chemical enterprises to deeply cultivate the industrial chain. From the perspective of production mode, the industry has experienced the evolution process from the intermittent production mode to the continuous production mode.