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Ethylene Glycol

  • Product Name: Ethylene glycol
  • Other Names: EG
  • Cas No.: 107-21-1
  • Purity: 99.9%
  • MF: C2H6O2
  • Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid
  • Package: Drum
  • Certificate: ISO
  • Application: It is primarily used in the manufacturing of antifreeze and coolant products. It is commonly used in industries and applications where heat transfer and freeze protection are important
  • Sample: Available

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Product Detail

Ethylene glycol, also known as ethylene glycol, 1, 2-ethylene glycol, referred to as EG, is the simplest diol. Ethylene glycol is colorless, odorless, sweet liquid, low toxicity to animals, ethylene glycol can be miscible with water and acetone, but the solubility is small in ethers. Used as solvent, antifreeze and raw material for synthetic polyester. The high polymer polyethylene glycol (PEG) of ethylene glycol is a phase transfer catalyst and is also used in cell fusion. Its nitrate is an explosive.

Product Parameter

Synonyms Ethane-1,2-diol, 1,2-Ethanediol, Ethylene alcohol, Hypodicarbonous acid, Monoethylene glycol,
1,2-Dihydroxyethane, Glycol solvent
Chemical Formula C2H6O2 CAS Number 107-21-1
Molar mass 62.068 g·mol−1 UN number 3082
Appearance Clear, colorless liquid
Odor Odorless
Density 1.1132 g/cm3 (0.04022 lb/cu in)
Melting point −12.9 °C (8.8 °F; 260.2 K)
Boiling point 197.3 °C (387.1 °F; 470.4 K)
Vapor pressure 0.06 mmHg (20 °C)
Acidity (pKa) 14.22(at 25℃)
Refractive index n20/D 1.431(lit.)
Flash point 111 °C (232 °F; 384 K) closed cup
Solubility Soluble in most organic solvents
Solubility in water Miscible
log P -1.69
Storage condition 2-8°C



1. Lubricant: Ethylene glycol can be added to lubricating oil as a lubricant to provide better lubrication effect. It has good lubrication performance and low viscosity, which can reduce friction and wear and extend the service life of mechanical equipment.

2. Coolant and antifreeze: EG is often used as an ingredient in engine coolant and antifreeze. It has a high boiling point, low freezing point and good thermal conductivity, and can effectively absorb and release heat in the cooling system of vehicles and industrial equipment, preventing the coolant from freezing and causing damage to the cooling system.

3. Reaction medium: chemical ethylene glycol is widely used in chemical synthesis. It can be used as a solvent or reaction medium for the preparation of catalysts, the synthesis of polymers and the reaction of organic compounds.

4. Dehumidifier: Because ethylene glycol is hygroscopic, it can be used as a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in the air, maintain humidity stability and prevent corrosion or mold growth in humid environments.

5. Cosmetics and personal care products: Ethylene glycol is used as a solvent, thickener and moisturizer in cosmetics and personal care products. It can increase the viscosity of products, improve the moisturizing properties of the skin, and enhance the quality and application experience of cosmetics.

Multiple uses of products

It use in Automotive Industry,Plastics and Polymer Industry,Packaging Industry,Food and Beverage Industry,Pharmaceutical Industry,cosmetics and Personal Care Industry,Chemical Manufacturing,Textile Industry,